Advice for Relationships & 25 Journal Prompts for Love

Sharing our best advice for relationships and 25 couples journal prompts to help you implement them

Advice for relationships is all around us.

You hear it on TV. You see it on social media. You get it from your mom. You get it from your friends.

Everyone has an opinion. And sometimes, a can be pretty helpful ones!

But what's less often discussed is the how. For example, we've all heard the advice for relationships to never go to bed angry.

But how do you get there?

We're breaking down the best advice for relationships, and equipping you with 25 couples journal prompts that'll help you actually implement all those classic words of the wise.

What is a Couples Journal?

So, what is a couples journal in the first place?

Simply put, couples journaling is the practice of regularly journaling to reflect on your relationship and experiences as a couple.

It's an easy way to check in with one another, stay mindful about your feelings and anything that changes in the relationship, and learn more about each other.

To get started, all you need is a place to write!

You may want to keep separate journals in your own notebooks, or on your phone using a journaling app like Jour. Or, you can discuss prompts and take notes on your responses together.

It's also important to set a routine for sharing your reflections together. Keeping a regular journaling schedule will help it become a habit - which helps you reap all the amazing benefits to the fullest.

In general, don't be afraid to get creative. Free-write, draw, use prompts - make it work for you! Ultimately, your couples journal style should be tailored to fit you and your relationship.

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How a Couples Journal Improves Relationships

You might be wondering what journaling has to do with relationships, and how it can help implement advice for relationships. Here's just a few of the biggest advantages to journaling as a couple:

Increases Mindfulness

By taking the time to reflect and write down your feelings, you're forced to articulate what's on your mind. This makes you more aware of any changes in your relationship with your partner, and helps you break down what you're really feeling.

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Facilitates Communication

Journaling together as a couple is a shared activity that can bring you closer together and help you communicate effectively. When you reflect on your experiences and how you're feeling and share them with your partner, you ensure that you're both on the same page.

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Boosts Mood

As it turns out? Writing down your feelings can be really cathartic. When you get negative feelings out of your head and onto the page, they can't overwhelm you anymore.

In other words... All those little arguments that don't matter in the end? You'll be able to more easily let them go, and focus on the important stuff.

Advice for Relationships & 25 Couples Journal Prompts to Get Started

Here's our shortlist of pieces of advice for relationships worth following, and corresponding journal prompts to help you practice what you preach.

1. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

One of the biggest pieces of advice for relationships you'll hear constantly is the importance of communication.

Consistent communication in your relationship can ensure you are aware of each other's feelings and experiences, and know how to settle any potential conflicts peacefully before they become overwhelming.

Try answering in your couples journal...

  • How are you feeling today? How does your partner seem to be feeling?
  • What's something you want to discuss with your partner?
  • What would make you feel reassured in this conversation?
  • What about your communication as a couple works well?
  • What could use some improvement?

2. Keep a Good Relationship With Yourself

Another classic piece of advice for relationships? Your most treasured relationship should always be the one you have with yourself.

This is particularly important because unresolved issues with yourself can quickly bleed into your relationship, potentially hurting yourself and your partner. High self-esteem empowers you to make the best choices in your relationships.

Try answering in your couples journal...

  • How do you show yourself some love?
  • What always helps you relax when you're upset?
  • What's something you love to do when you have time all to yourself?
  • What do you do to affirm and celebrate yourself?
  • How can your partner support you in your relationship with yourself?

3. Express Gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful tool in our relationships, and can't be neglected in advice for relationships. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Family Psychology found that highest relationship satisfaction was in couples who mutually express gratitude.

It's a simple, effective way to show someone you care and helps you focus on the good.

Try answering in your couples journal...

  • What do you love most about your partner?
  • What are some of your favorite memories with them?
  • When was a time you laughed really hard together?
  • What was the highlight of the last week together?

4. Practice Empathy

Empathy goes a long way when it comes to advice for relationships.

Empathy is all about putting yourself in your partner's shoes and being mindful and respectful of their point of view. Always take a beat to consider and understand their side of things.

Try answering in your couples journal...

  • How does your partner seem to be doing?
  • Imagine how you might be feeling if you were in your partner's situation.
  • If the roles were reversed, what would you want from your partner?
  • How can you show your partner support?

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5. Choose Your Battles

Conflict as a couple is inevitable. Making mountains out of molehills, however, can lead to conflict burnout and lack of trust in your relationship. Choose your battles wisely.

Writing in a couples journal to reflect can help you work through negative emotions in tense moments and evaluate next steps.

Try answering in your couples journal...

  • How do you feel about the situation? How might your partner be feeling?
  • Check the facts: are the judgments you're making about the situation accurate? Why do you believe what you do?
  • Could there be other explanations to your situation? Is there a way to see the situation differently?
  • If a friend was in a similar situation, what advice would you give on how to handle it?

Build a Stronger Relationship

Every day, we hear recycled advice for relationships all around us. But, we're often given advice with no clear way to take action and implement the advice.

Couples journaling is a great way to implement classic advice for relationships in a way that's actually effective and engaging. It increases mindfulness, facilitates communication, and improves your relationship with yourself.

Try using your journal to take on pieces of relationship advice like communicating effectively, choosing your battles, and expressing gratitude.

Our last, best piece of relationship advice? Give journaling with Jour a try. Our countless personalized journal prompts will ensure you have a journaling routine perfectly suited to your needs and whatever you and your partner are dealing with.