13 Best Healthy Habits to Help You Thrive

Stuck in a rut? These simple healthy habits are the key to giving your whole life a positive reset.


Chances are, you feel like you've heard it all before when it comes to healthy habits: Eat your greens, exercise, don't drink, don't smoke.

But there's something missing here...

Your mental health.

Most people looking to make healthy changes go straight to dieting and workout routines. What we often forget is how connected our minds and bodies are.

If you take good care of your mind, you're all the more empowered to take control of all aspects of your life.

We have the best healthy habits to help you lay the foundation for a happier life.

The Science Behind Healthy Habits

So what's so important about healthy habits? Isn't it enough to do healthy behaviors every now and again when you feel like it?

According to scientific research, the consistency that comes along with a habit is key to reaping all the amazing benefits of healthy actions.

Usually, it's hard to get ourselves to do things that are good for us - like exercise or waking up early. But the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Not sure how to stick to healthy habits once you start?

Do a healthy habit right after something else you already do consistently, like taking a shower. Your mind will begin to associate the two actions together, and before you know it, it'll become part of your natural rhythm!

13 Best Healthy Habits to Try

1. Sleep Well

You've probably been told that a good night's sleep is key to well... Everything.

They aren't wrong. According to a 2018 study, poor sleep quality was correlated with increased risk for negative mental health outcomes and mood disorders, like depression.  If you sleep well, you'll feel calmer, more relaxed, and have more energy to make positive changes in your life.

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2. Go for Walks

Sometimes, what we need most to clear our heads and feel better is a change of scenery.

Going for a daily walk gets you active, and outside in nature. Harvard health experts suggest that spending time outdoors can help alleviate feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression.

You can go for a quick walk around your neighborhood, or even explore hiking in your area on the weekends.

3. Meditate

Daily meditation can act as scheduled relaxation time. It helps you slow down your thoughts, disengage from distractions, and take a moment for yourself.

Over time, this can help you manage stress and anxiety better, as well as providing a moment of calm even in the busiest times.

4. Volunteer

It can be easy to get tunnel vision, thinking only about your own life and problems.

But, turning outwards to support your community, participate in mutual aid, or advocate for a cause you care about can be a healing distraction from what's weighing on you while helping others at the same time.

5. Yoga

Yoga is one of the best ways to nurture the mind-body connection. It's all about releasing tension and freeing your mind and body at the same time.

Through a yoga practice, you can build strength and flexibility and feel calmer and more relaxed. Try more gentle yoga flows for beginners with integrated mindfulness to start.

6. Find a Creative Outlet

Getting in touch with your creative side can be great for your health. Creative hobbies like painting, making music, and dance help you express yourself and

Don't consider yourself a "creative type"? Making a collage, keeping a journal, or even dancing around your room are great ways to get creative and relieve stress no matter what your skills are.

7. Reduce Screen Time

This is a tough one, but the benefits can be life changing.

Time spent on our phones often generates anxiety. Checking your email, worrying about the news, or comparing yourselves to others on social media can really take a toll.

Going offline for a while can do wonders for your mind. You can try setting a few hours each day to log off, or even do a longer term detox. Get your friends or family to participate with you to make it easier!

8. Repeat Daily Affirmations

Daily affirmations are like helpful reminders for yourself. They're a great way to replace negative self-talk with more positive self-talk, and help you feel more confident and reassured.

You can try affirmations tailored for what you need most: self-love, anxiety relief, or confidence are good places to start.

9. Practice Gratitude

Having a hard time finding a silver lining? Taking time out of your day to express gratitude for positive things in your life can help you adopt a more positive mindset.

One of the easiest ways to practice gratitude is by writing down things you're thankful for in a journal.

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10. Set a Morning Routine

If you're feeling run down or stressed, you might be more tempted to hit snooze in the morning, leaving yourself panicked and in a rush.

Opt for setting up a consistent morning routine for yourself instead that gives you time for pleasurable activities in the morning, like a good breakfast or listening to music.

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11. Practice Mindfulness

Your daily life probably involves a lot of stress and distractions. Mindfulness helps you feel more present and aware.

A regular mindfulness practice over time can make you calmer, more focused, and more fulfilled.

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12. Do Breathing Exercises

It may sound almost too simple, but hear us out: just taking a few moments out of your day  to take a few deep breaths can really make an impact.

Breathing exercises can immediately relieve anxiety and leave you feeling more calm and centered.

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13. Keep a Daily Journal

Keeping a daily journal has a whole host of incredible benefits for your mental health. It provides an outlet for negative thoughts, and helps you better understand your thought patterns.

Journaling with a guided journaling app like Jour makes a journaling habit convenient and easy to maintain. You can journal any time, anywhere right from your phone. With endless journaling prompts to inspire you, you'll never run out of ideas about what to write.

And the best part? We'll send you a daily reminder to make sure you stick with it.

Try a New Healthy Habit!

If you're looking to make positive changes for your health, remember that a solid foundation starts with a healthy mind. When you take good care of your mental health, you're all the more empowered to accomplish any goal in any area of your life.

Make healthy actions a recurring habit to reap the biggest benefits. Relaxing activities like yoga, mindfulness, and journaling can help you feel calm stress and feel your best.

If you're looking for an easy way to start, try journaling with Jour. We're always here to help support you in anything you're going through!